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Look Into My Eyes


Mercedes, is back in our last video of 2010! She was so popular in the November release of, "Intoxicated", that we knew we had to collaborate with her again, and soon. We are very proud to offer you the results.


The comment I heard, over and over, from almost everyone was, "Hey, we would love to see even more of her eyes!", and I couldn't agree more. So, that's exactly what we focused on bringing you in this video. We got as close as possible to those big, intense, hypnotic eyes. I can promise you that once you start stating down into them, looking away, will NOT be an option. You'll be captured AND captivated. Not only by her eyes but by her voice as well. It's a voice that leaves no doubt who's in charge. You can really tell that Mercedes loves to hypnotize. Every moment, every gesture, every word, lets you know that, you have no choice but to obey. If you like your hypnosis done through the gaze of a beautiful woman, this video should be on your list.


We think you'll find the visuals to be stunning and sharp, and the suggestion very fun to follow. The video is exactly 23 minutes long and is downloadable as a zip file of 256 Mbs.

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