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Fantasy Hypnosis School Preview

Fantasy Hypnosis School


Imagine if your wife or girlfriend could learn to portray your very own fantasy hypnotist... think for a moment what that might mean. Our idea, quite simply, is to provide you with that possiblity. We'll show you how to break-the-ice and tell her about your fantasy and then we'll provide her with six, step-by step lessons, that will show her exactly what to do and say to believably assume the role.


This is a program that will take her by the hand and in a matter of a few hours, maybe less if she's a good role-player, have her preforming stunning fantasy inductions just like you'd get from a KismetVideo production. Ally will give you all the benefit of her knowledge and teach your girlfriend how to become the enchantress of your dreams. And most amazing of all there is ABSOLUTELY NO MEMORIZATION required!


To be clear, we are NOT teaching her actual hypnosis, that is way beyond the scope of this program. We can not, and do not, make such a claim. We are teaching her how to (in record time) convincingly portray a fantasy hypnotist.


You're girlfriend will recieve six easy to master video lessons, a starter script, and a 40 minute LIVE one-on-one, skype training session with Ally herself! Quite honestly, nothing like this has ever been made available before AT ANY PRICE!

Fantasy Hypnosis School ($175) 75% OFF

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